Fare Ute floating dock

The floating dock at Fare Ute with the tug-military tanker dry Revi last week (Photo credit: J-Bellenand @ Navy)

PAPEETE May 24, 2016 – Installed by the Navy in 1975 for the maintenance of its ships, the floating dock opened its fairing equipment to civilian ships for ten years. On Tuesday, the high command of the armed forces and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry signed a new agreement for five years, renewing an effective partnership between public / private and military / civilian.

In 2012, the threat was withdrawn, short term, the military floating dock of the port of Papeete. To satisfy the need for fairing Polynesian boats, many inevitably in an essentially maritime territory should have been the country undertakes a heavy investment in the port to install a new one. Finally, the military General Staff has made the opposite way and decided to keep it floating dock in Fare Ute while improving it. “To maintain our military vessels outside was expensive and ultimately immobilized crews far from their bases for too long “comments against Admiral Bernard Anthony Morio Isle, senior commander of French Polynesia in the armed forces (COMSUP).

The floating dock closest to Papeete is located in New Zealand, 4500 km away. Even with a fleet of the Navy reduced to a few buildings in French Polynesia, the interest of moving so far remained limited. Especially since, for more than a decade, the floating dock in Papeete opened its facilities Civil Polynesian boats through the signing of an agreement between the COMSUP and the chamber of commerce, industry, services and trades (CCISM). Military / civil partnership which has been entirely satisfactory so far. In fact, ” today there are more civilian boats keeled on the floating dock that of the Navy ” concedes against Admiral. On average each year are 15 civilian ships using the facilities against five of the Navy.

Meanwhile the crane But floating dock of the Navy, who was 40 years old, needed a serious blow to new. ” Since 2013, 300 million francs of investment has already been injected with a refurbishment of the floor, pumping systems and a lot of pipes. Now remains to finalize the acquisition of a specific lifting crane have a tool totally renovated “continues against Admiral Bernard Anthony Morio Isle. Cost of this particular crane with a boom capable of lifting large ships out of the water (up to 3 000 tonnes), without unbalancing the entire floating dock: about 600 million francs. A tender is underway. This crane will happen metropolis should be installed in the course of 2017. ” floating dock We will then able to operate at least until 2030″.

On Tuesday morning, when signing the agreement between the COMSUP and CCISM for the provision of this military equipment fairing civil owners of the country, all highlighted the win / win partnership that endures. ” We do not bear the cost of the investment we are making to civil owners. We do pay that putting dry their vessels. It is a way to participate in the Polynesian maritime economy ” indicates the cons-Admiral. At the same time, thanks to the attendance of the floating dock by these civilian ships that the military instrument has been maintained in French Polynesia. “The buildings of the Navy remains a priority but we create a fairing to pass with schedule almost a year in advance. it is anticipated to satisfy everyone , “says Georges Verhaeghe, Director of fleet support Service (SSF) in charge of the management and maintenance of the floating dock.

The new agreement between the military and civilians on the use of the floating dock Fare Ute is signed for five years, instead of a renewal every three years previously. ” It is a sign of the trust that has developed between us ” said Clet Wong, 1st Vice President of the CCISM. Especially since this agreement also allows for sharing of services, ” last week the tug supply vessel Revi and Kura Ora schooner were able to share the costs, everyone wins .” Finally, beyond the Polynesian Owners who have a close tool, it’s the service sector and the ship repair that takes advantage of this infrastructure.

Number : 300 000 Swiss francs This is the cost to put a boat out of the water with the floating dock. The refit (for maintenance and repair of ship hulls) then require at least a week, for an average cost of between 3 to 3.5 million francs.

The new B2M Navy in Tahiti for July 14
Road to Chaleix Naval Base Noumea, its home port, “D’Entrecasteaux” military first multifunctional building (B2M) of the Navy, will stop in Polynesia French in the coming months. Marquesas first, but also in Tahiti, where it should be docked at the port of Papeete on 14 July. The “D’Entrecasteaux” party of Brest last few weeks is the first of a series of four military buildings 66 meters long and 14 meters wide which will equip the New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Reunion and the Antilles. The second unit of the B2M is programmed for French Polynesia: the “Bougainville” is already out of the workshops of the shipyard that built and launched at the end of February.It should reach Papeete by the end of the year.

B2M Navy

Written by Mireille Loubet Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at 15:07

Source: Tahiti Infos