It’s finish ! The end of clap sounded in Nice bay, Sunday 31 July, after a final day exhibition for the 24 crews of the Tour de France Sailing Race. While the team Treasures of Tahiti was on a last lap of honor in front of the Promenade des Anglais, Emmanuel Versace, the team manager of the Tahitian project remained on land, drew a balance of these three intense weeks.

Le team au grand complet

The complete team
Left Dunkirk on July 8 and ends in Nice this Sunday, July 31, the 24 crews of the Tour de France Sailing Race will be played at a frantic pace 18 coastal raids, 18 nautical stages and two exhibition races throughout the 9 acts punctuating the three French coastlines: Channel, Atlantic and Mediterranean.Treasures of Tahiti, unique ultra-sailor crew of the Tour, has been one of the key players in this 39 th edition of the summer event for lovers of sailing. After a smooth start in the Channel, Teva Plichart, Pierre “Petero” Pennec, Manutea Mahai and Dimitri Deruelle gradually mounted power on acts of Baden, Roses and Narbonne, making them forget float accident in Roscoff.
Playing the trouble- festivities and teasing the overall leaders, those who are nicknamed the Moana Hiva ( “Warriors of the Ocean”) have long occupied the 5 th place overall. A racing in Hyères (collision) will severely demoted to the 8 th place and miss selection for the Super Final Or in Nice. Disappointed but far from defeated and especially anxious to do honor to the French Polynesia, the crew Treasures of Tahiti won the Silver Final and finish 7 th overall. A very satisfactory place for the first participation of Tahitian project on the Tour de France version of Diam 24.
Three things to note: they have been among the only five teams to have dethroned the crew Lorina Limonade – Gulf of Morbihan, magnificent winner of the edition 2016, during a Super Final (in Roses) they finished four times in second place on coastal raids; Tahitians won the Finagaz price competitiveness in the act of Baden where they signed two second places on the coast and the stadium. Proud of his team, at sea and ashore, Emmanuel Versace, Team Manager provides a balance sheet more than promising for the rest of the project Treasures of Tahiti.

Le team tahitien avait su rebondir face à l'adversité

The Tahitian team had bounced back face of adversity
Emmanuel, what is your view on the provision of Tahitian Treasures?
The overall balance of the Tour de France Sailing Race for Treasures of Tahiti is very positive. The whole team did a very good sporting results.Most important for us was to have a good on-month group cohesion, we have succeeded at sea and ashore.Everyone is delighted with this month of competition, the team and the public that followed us closely in the media and social networks. What was a challenge, because the veil is a minor sport in French Polynesia. We had to convince the heart and to share our passion and adventures that will continue for two years. That was our main goals.
And from a sporting point of view?
The athlete balance sheet and our place 7 e are particularly extraordinary in comparison to the number of training days, training of Manutea and the discovery of new support for Teva. We 7 th front of big teams who often double our budget and training. We are pleased and very proud to have worn the colors of Polynesia at this stage of the competition. It is true that we lacked a bit of luck on certain acts, especially in Hyères with this fact of race (the accident with Helvetia Blue) which penalized us heavily. We would of course like to finish in the five and have that little icing on the cake. But do not have regrets, we sailed with the weapons we had and were able to raise our level of play throughout the Tour de France.
A project Tour de France Sailing includes a sports game and also a lot of work project management. What is your assessment of the shore team?
It is true that parallel the sport, do not forget the shore team who did a great job and logistics management. The logistics were a very heavy work. Upstream had to book apartments for 9 persons in 9 cities very distant steps of each other. And manage daily, transport and distribute the roles to a group of athletes. It was our first experience but we are obliged to be professional in the approach of the organization. Throughout the competition, we also welcomed the MP Maina Sage, the Delegation of French Polynesia with Caroline Tang, Dunkirk and Roscoff, accompanied by Mark Helias, members of Air Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Tourisme, more partners or suppliers of our partners. Even if they knew little or no sailing, they will never forget their experience Tahitian Treasures edge of the support boats or the VIP area of the Yacht Club.



Quelques déceptions mais le bilan est globalement très positif pour le team Tahiti

Some disappointments but the overall picture is very positive for the team Tahiti
From a communication point of view, are you satisfied with the outcomes? 
Of course! Event coverage was at the height of our desire to see above. Our partnerships with first Polynesia and Tahiti Pacific Hebdo worked very well. Our work with the advertising agency Effetsmer has borne fruit since it can already count between 150 and 200 best press coverage on a little less than a month in France and in Polynesia, not counting the many stories which we have the object on TNTV television, Canal +, L’Equipe 21 and France 3 and radio France and Fenua. I think this cover is well above that of most teams. In our estimation, only the winning crew Lorina Limonade was much quoted. One has only to compare the reactions on social networks. In France, we moved from Tahiti snapshot stooge of French exoticism to a successful sports team with a social and economic project behind. We are very happy for us and for our partners who follow us from the beginning. Including the government of French Polynesia, which was right to trust us given the high media coverage it has received.
What is the result of the program for Treasures of Tahiti?
The rest of the program will take place in several stages. The first is to quickly bring the two boats in French Polynesia have for navigation training tools for young people like Manutea and also young as Manuarii Poulain (technical assistant of the boat). We have at heart to form the Polynesians to the sport of sailing on high-performance boats and create a pool of competitors to the fenua be better represented on the edition 2017. The second phase will be logical to prepare for the Tour 2017. For this we hope to convince new partners to follow us and of course we count on the support and loyalty of the Government of French Polynesia. Particularly through the Presidency, the Ministry of Economic Recovery and Economic Blue, Youth and Sports, and Tourism, who from the beginning believed in our professionalism.

Le Diam 24 est transportable

Le Diam 24 is transportable
Une aventure extraordinaire pour le team tahitien
An extraordinary adventure for the Tahitian team
Source: Tahiti Infos