The direct savings in connection with the sea, outside tourist areas, generated a turnover declared 39 billion French Pacific francs in 2015, estimated at 47 billion according to the Institute emission overseas (IEOM) .

In an express note published late August IEOM sifts the industry “still moderate” under assets and especially the potentials available to the community, starting with its maritime area of 5 million km2.

By itself, maritime transport, mainly passenger transport, focuses more of said CA quarter, about 10 billion French Pacific francs. In order of importance, there is then the port activities (22% of turnover), and the construction of marine structures (16%) and aquaculture and pearl industry (15%). But raising fish and other shellfish is only 500 million French Pacific francs, which is not facing the 7.4 billion French Pacific francs from the export of raw pearls.

Over the past five years, the areas of the sea proved to be rather dynamic, with activity an annual average increase of 3% and 8% for the single year of 2015, underlines the IEOM. And take the example of the fishing industry whose turnover has more than doubled over the period 2012-2015.

In terms of employment now 3400 employees working in the area were reported to SPC last year, representing only 7% of the workforce of the box. To this we must add 1,450 non-employees, mainly in fishing and pearling.

Source: Tahiti News